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It's great up North! Next stop on the JSS Northern tour, BCB Radio, Bradford

Our intrepid team of Junior Star Singer Songwriter stars made their way to Bradford on Saturday 11th August after their trip to Halifax. BCB Radio 106.6 FM was the next stop, steered by host David Carpenter who helps to programme shows for the community radio station.

Contestants were Barbora Orackova and Ketsia Opoku, both of whom gave great performances - check them both out below:

Guests were Teide Bryce, Georgia Lois, Junior Star Singer Songwriter 2017 winner Chloe Dunne, and Scott Thornhill.  BCB radio has been working with charity Youth Music for a while on various projects so it seemed an ideal opportunity as a venue for Junior Star Singer Songwriter as we're also a keen supporter of the charity.  We always love going down to Bradford because they have a wonderful team and always give us a fun show!
Georgia Lois presented our Behind the Mic feature at BCB Bradford, giving us an opportunity to hear what our contestants Barbora and Ketsia were thinking before they we…

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